Garden Oaks Post 560



Chairman- Scott Villarreal-Dowlearn


Donald Cleveland

Seeks to inspire love of country and good citizenship through patriotic observances, flag etiquette, civic instruction in schools, the Americanization of immigrants, community service, and youth activities such as Boys State, Boy Scouts, Oratorical Contest, School Award Medals and American Legion Baseball. 


Children & Youth 

Chairman- Scott Villarreal-Dowlearn


Ensures children of veterans in need of care and protection receive proper and timely services and aid, extends connections to verified organizations and facilities providing services for children and youth, and maintains programs that meet the needs of youth in the local community.


Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

Co-Chairs- Irene Infante & Pat Semien

Assists veterans in pursuing claims, understanding their rights and obtaining their benefits. Committee members also visit veterans who are sick, disabled or residing in assisted living facilities, and provide comfort to members’ families in illness and bereavement.


National Security

Chairman- Samuel Medellin

Engages in community emergency preparedness, promotes public safety, and supports local and national civilian defense projects.


Membership & Post Activities

Chairman- Scott Villarreal-Dowlearn

Recruits, retains and engages members to give the post the volunteers to create success for The American Legion in the local community.


Public Relations

Chairwoman- Kim McLeod

Elevates awareness in the veterans community and the community of American Legion advocacy of veterans issues, national security, Americanism and youth. The American Legion is defined in the public eye by the values it demonstrates. The committee accomplishes this in two ways: placing radio and TV advertisements and public service announcements produced by National Headquarters where they can be seen and heard, and developing relationships with editors and journalists in the post’s community so they cover programs supporting the Legion’s four pillars. For example, the High School Oratorical Contest is the reporter’s news peg, but the Legion’s support for a “one hundred percent Americanism” is the story. Why and how the Legion is “still serving America” is the question the post’s public relations committee should answer in the media. Public relations is a membership multiplier.



Chairwoman- LaShondra Jones, Ph.D


Scott Villarreal-Dowlearn

Promotes The American Legion’s official legislative mandates, disseminates legislative updates, organizes and promotes proactive grassroots lobbying activities, and liaisons with elected officials and their staffs. All activities must be in compliance with Section 2, Article II of the Constitution of The American Legion, which forbids the dissemination of partisan principles and the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office. However, voter education is a critical element of the electoral process, and posts are permitted to host town hall meetings, put on “meet the candidate” nights and allow candidates to address post meetings, district conferences or state conventions. Candidates may participate as long as invitations are extended to all candidates, affording them equal opportunity to participate. The American Legion cannot endorse or oppose any candidate, even if the candidate is a Legionnaire and post member. A post home should be free of any political materials that would appear to be an endorsement of a particular candidate. Every effort must be made to remain nonpartisan. Note: If in doubt, contact the department for clarification before proceeding.



Chairman- Donald Cleveland


Frank Miller

Supervises the receiving, disbursement and accounting of all post funds, prepares annual budget recommendations, and advises the post on all financial policies.



Chairman- Richard Voorhies

Assists veterans in meeting and overcoming problems such as employment, veterans preference, housing, civil service appeals, and employment of handicapped and older workers.



Chairman- Will Spencer

Scott Villarreal-Dowlearn


Supervises the operation of the post’s physical facilities, such as a clubroom, American Legion center, meeting room, etc. Responsibilities include administration, equipment, and the hiring and direction of employees (as authorized by the post executive committee), and general rules applicable to the conduct of members while on the post’s premises.



Chairwoman- Janie Almeida

Key to every successful post, assisting returning veterans in their transition to civilian life. Other concerns include employment, on-the-job training, and educating veterans on their rights and benefits. The committee should maintain contact with members of the armed forces from the post’s community. 


Sons of The American Legion (SAL)

Chairman- Richard Voohies


Frank Miller

Supervises the Sons of The American Legion squadron in its organization, activities and programs.